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Ever since 1922 - the year Komperdell Ski Poles was founded, 100% of Komperdell poles have been produced in AUSTRIA. A KOMPERDELL ski pole product is the result of a long chain, at the beginning of which stood an idea deriving from their personal experience and passion for our sport and our trade mark.
Ski Poles
'12 Komperdell Carbon Pure Black Ski Poles
The best deal for the the money on carbon ski poles is the Komperdell Carbon Pure Black ski poles. The Komperdell Carbon Pure ski poles are extra slim with a 13/9mm Carbon tube with classic design, perfect swing dynamics, extra light and break-proof. More Info...
Save 33%
AT/Backcountry Ski Equipment
Komperdell Snaplock Carbon Adjustable Ski Poles
The Komperdell Snap Lock Carbon ski pole has some of the best features we have even seen in a ski pole. Tired of trying to adjust your pole and waisting time getting it to the right spot? Well the Komperdell Snap Lock is the easiest pole on the market to adjust. More Info...
'12 Komperdell Snaplock Carbon Adjustable Ski Poles
Save 50%
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