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Skins are a used with Backcountry bindings in order to climb mountains with your skis still on. Skinning is quickly becoming an important part of the ski industry.
'16 Armada Pre-Cut Touring Skins
With skins needed more and more Armada now has some of their own that are precut for their skis. These skins are 65/35% Mohair/Nylon Mix and are seam sealed. More Info...
Save 41%
'22 Atomic MultiFit Trim to Fit Climbing Skins
Atomic has come out with a new skin and it will work on just about any ski. This skin is designed to be used on most freeride/Powder Skis. More Info...
Save 20%
'16 K2 Trim to Fit Climbing Skins
The 2016 K2 Trim to fit Climbing Skins are breand NEW for this season, they DO NOThave K2 Z-Clips but instead have a low profile, self centering universal tip hook More Info...
Save 50%
Marker Freeride Universal Skins
The Marker Freeride Universal Skins ski skins are adhesive skins with a new tapered shape. Approx. 15% lighter, less friction when moving forward and less snow adhesion. More Info...
Save 2%
Rossignol Blackops Sender and Rallybird Precut Climbing Skins
The Rossignol Sender/RallyBird Precut Climbing Skins are a perfect fit for your new skis. Many of our customers have expressed a desire to make the Sender their go to Backcountry ski because of the light weight and versatility of the Sender. More Info...
Save 4%
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