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The Ski Poles category is jammed full of the latest and greatest in the ski pole industry. We have adjustable ski poles, carbon ski poles, graphite ski poles, aluminum ski poles, trigger strap ski poles, Freestyle ski poles, race ski poles, powder ski poles, collapsable avalanch probe poles, and much more. Choose from brands like: Black Diamond Ski Poles, Equipe Ski Poles, Goode Ski Poles, K2 Ski Poles, Leki Ski Poles, Life-Link Ski Poles, Rossignol Ski Poles, Roxy Ski Poles, Salomon Ski Poles, Scott Ski Poles, Swix Ski Poles, Ultra Ski Poles, Volkl Ski Poles, and much more!!!

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'23 Atomic Cloud Women's Ski Poles
The 2023 Atomic Cloud Ski Poles are made of 6061 Alu and come with a Freeski Grip and a wide Strap. More Info...
'23 Atomic Backland FR Adjustable Ski Poles
The 2023 Atomic Backland FR Adjustable Ski Poles is a great pole for the money and one that we highly recommend for skiers skiing the backcountry and sidecountry. Check out the excellent list of features on this pole and enjoy! More Info...
Save 17%
'23 K2 Power Aluminum Ski Poles
Do you really need to buy an expensive ski pole? Hmmm? You decide, the 2023 K2 Power Alu Ski pole works and costs less than all of the other 6061 Aluminum Ski Poles out there. More Info...
Save 17%
Leki Spinner Snowflake Baskets
The Leki Snowflake Spinner Basket is a little different and is necessary for using your Leki twist lock hikers in deep snow. More Info...
Save 20%
'23 Line Pin Freestyle Ski Poles
The 2023 Line Pin Ski Poles come with with a super grippy BMX style grip and of course the Grab Tab. Line was the first company to offer shorter poles for ease of use in the park and everywhere.... More Info...
'23 Line Hairpin Women's Ski Poles
The 2023 Line Hairpin Ski Poles are super light, easy to hold even without the straps and look sweet. A great choice for smart girls who know what they want. More Info...
Save 8%
Junior Ski Poles
Every junior skier needs a pair of junior ski poles. These ski poles are made for the junior skis who are accomplished and are ready to take it to the next step. More Info...
Junior Ski Poles
Save 50%
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