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Boot Heaters and Boot Accessories. Yup that's it... Boot Heaters and Boot accessories. Brands Like: Alpine Tools, Boot Burners, DryGuy, And Thermic.
DryGuy BS16 Carrying Bag for Sweet 16
DryGuy DG1 Carry Bag fits all Dry Guy Dryer such as the DG1 and Sweet 16. The perfect bag to protect your investment. More Info...
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Hotronic One Size Fits All Insole
The One Size Fits all is a Heat Ready Insole for simple, quick installation of Heating Elements. Built for size 32.0 and smaller. Trim to size. More Info...
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Lenz RCB 1200 Lithium 1.0 Unisex Heated Socks
The Lenz RCB 1200 Lithium 1.0 Heated Socks are taking the Ski Industry by storm. The Lenz heated sock is the best source of toe saving heat, ever invented. The folks at Lenz put 28 years of experience into this hi-tech, hi-quality sock More Info...
Thermic Adapter for Ski Boots
The Thermic adapter is ideal for mounting onto your ski boots so that yu can attach the Powerpacks on boots with a synthetic shell. Helps keep batteries from falling off power strap. More Info...
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