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'15 K2 Trim To Fit Climbing Skins
K2 Pon2oon Pre Cut Climbing Skins
'15 K2 Trim To Fit Climbing Skins
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If you have a K2 ski that has Tip/Tail Z-Clip Inserts, **or not, then these skins will work on those skis. They do not have to be from 2015 they will work back until 2011 skis as well from K2. Available in 125mm and 150mm widths the K2 Climbing Skins work perfectly with your K2 Skis. The all newly designed Z-Clip secures perfectly on skis with tip and tail holes. The Offset Skin Cutter makes trimming skins a quick 5-minute exercise without the hassle of offsetting your skins. Improved for 2013 the minimalist design of the Z-Clip provides secure self-centering attachment that reduces weight, and allows for quick transition on the ascent. The adjustable tail straps also center the skin and sit on top of the ski, eliminating drag and friction for improved glide and efficiency.

**Universal Skin Connection Kit Available. Gives you the ability to use this skin with almost any ski, not just K2 Z-Clip equipped skis!

If you have questions please feel free to call us tool free at 1-877-865-0740 or by email at prostaff@untracked.com

Important Sizing Information:

There is a slight difference between the way K2 Skins fit on twin tips vs. traditional skis.


Ski/Skin Width:
K2 BackUp: 125mm
K2 WayBack: 125mm
K2 SideShow: 125mm
K2 HardSide: 125mm
K2 COOMBack: 125mm or 150mm
K2 BackDrop: 150mm
K2 SideStash: 150mm
K2 SideSeth: 150mm
K2 DarkSide: 150mm
K2 Pon2oon: 150mm

The skins fit are meant to fit skis 1cm shorter to 6cm longer. For example:

167 skin fits 166cm 173cm skis.
174 skin fits 173cm 180cm skis.
181 skin fits 180 - 187cm skis.
188 skin fits 187 - 194cm skis.

Team/Twin Tip

Ski/Skin Width:
K2 Kung Fujas: 125mm
K2 Obsethed: 150mm
K2 Pettitor: 150mm
K2 HellBent: 150mm

These are slightly different fit due to the twin tips. These are the best fits:

167cm skin fits 169cm ski.
181cm skin fits 179cm ski.
188cm skin fits 189cm ski.
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