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'22 Atomic STH2 16 MNC Freeride Ski Bindings
'22 Atomic STH2 16 MNC Freeride Ski Bindings
'22 Atomic STH2 16 MNC Freeride Ski Bindings
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2022 Atomic STH2 MNC 16
MNC MultiNorm Certified
30.5mm Stand Height
3D Driver Toe
Elastic Travel
Progressive Transfer pads
Extra Long Wings
Extra Wide Toe Pedal
Sliding AFD
Transfer Switch
Shock Absorption
Micro Simultaneous wings adjustment
Manual Height toe adjustment
DIN 7-16
The 2022 Atomic STH2 MNC 16 ski binding is the new replacement for the STH2 WTR 16 Binding. Using the STH Toe and the Guardian WTR Heel the 2022 Atomic STH2 MNC 16 ski binding has quickly become one of our favorite designs for skier who need a MNC Binding. The combination of the toe and heel allows for superior power transmission and downhill performance on wide platforms and modern ski shapes. These are also compatible with Salomon walking soles.

Performance: Thanks to the Transfer Switch function, you can choose your dampening mode according to your sensations, your playground, your bootsole type (rubber or plastic) for a more radical and precise ride.

Boot Compatibility: Thanks to the redesigned AFD, the new STH2 16 is now compatible with all normed boots on the market, and provides consistent release in all the situations when you need it.

Shock-Absorption: Thanks to a legendary 52mm of eleastic travel, this binding is still the most shock-absorbing on the market, for big mountain skiers who want to avoid pre-release in harsh conditions.

Transfer Switch Technology: 2 power transfer modes, switchable through a simple button:
- In PROGRESSIVE postion: the toe pedal sits on the rubber pad, providing increased dampening to smooth out terrain and snow feedback.
- In DIRECT position: the toe pedal sits on the hard plastic pieces providing immediate response and the most direct edge engagement.

New Sliding AFD: PTFE slding AFD ensures consistent lateral release and perfect recentering even with rubber boot soles, making the binding MNC MultiNorm Certified.
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