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'21 Marker F10 Tour AT Ski Bindings
'19 Marker F10 Tour AT Ski Bindings
'21 Marker F10 Tour AT Ski Bindings
Retail Price: $400.00
Our Price: $349.00
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2021 Marker F10 Tour
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AT/Touring Ski Bindings
36mm Stand Height
Triple Pivot Compact Toe
Height-Adjustable AFD
Hollow Linkage Heel
Touring Function
Climbing Aid
DIN: 3-10
What goes up must come down. At Marker, it's all about having the descent of a lifetime. The 2021 Marker Tour F10 is an AT binding for the skier who wants an all-day touring rig, but still wants great skiing performance. The 2020 Marker Tour F10 is a light-weight, all-day touring functionality combined with the downhill skiing performance Marker is known for. Special Features: climbing function, 7 & 13 degree integrated climbing aid, removable brake.

Small: (265-325mm)
Large: (305-365mm)
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