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'19 Armada Warden 13 MNC Ski Bindings
'19 Armada Warden 13 MNC Ski Bindings
'19 Armada Warden 13 MNC Ski Bindings
Retail Price: $330.00
Our Price: $199.95
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2019 Armada Warden MNC Bindings
Certified for Any Sole
MNC (Multinorm Certified)
21mm Stand Height
Steel housing
Freeski Brakes
Stomp Pedal
Oversized Platform
U-Power Toe
Weight: 2.2 Kg pair
DIN: 5-13
The 2019 Armada Warden MNC Binding is a brand new binding for Salomon. With the ability to take multiple kinds of soles the Warden ski binding can be used with your touring boots so you do not need multiple pairs of boots or soles. The Armada/Salomon/Atomic Warden is a whole new generation of binding. Inspired by the backcountry it has the same oversized platform and toe as the Tracker binding, but is actually the first binding to be TUV approved for all three types of soles: DIN, Touring and a Walk To Ride (WTR). That means it fits every normed boot in the market. It also combines the strength and precision you need on-piste with the smooth, progressive power transfer and control you need when skiing all over the mountain and through any snow.

Officially Compatible with all boot norms.

Note that some touring boots are not within the Norm 9523/5355
Check underneath on the boot and if it says ISO 9523 the boot is compatible.
Choose Ski Binding Color and Brake Width

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