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'24 Atomic Shift MNC 10 Alpine Touring Tech Bindings
'21 Atomic Shift MNC 10 Alpine Touring Tech Bindings
'24 Atomic Shift MNC 10 Alpine Touring Tech Bindings
Retail Price: $675.00
Our Price: $460.00
Save 32%
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2023 Atomic Shift MNC 10 Bindings
Accommodates ISO 9523, ISO 5355, Gripwalk Adult Boot soles
Tech Toe Compatible(Uphill USE)
Carbon Composite
Multiple Brake widths
Climbing Aid
Smart Brake Locking System
Tech Up, Freeride Down
Game Changer!
Weight 1/2Pair: 875g
DIN: 4-10
Due to its massive popularity and performance, the Atomic Shift is back for 2023! The Atomic Shift MNC 10 Binidngsis the Shift 13 MNC with a smaller DIN range. Thanks to years of research and development, The Shift MNC 10's brilliant design makes it possible to use the tech toe for uphill climbs and with a switch, you have the performance and power of a conventional Alpine binding. No more sacrificing downhill performance for uphill weight concerns. No more need for heavy frame style Alpine Touring bindings because the SHIFT performs just as well on any downhill terrain, without the weight, excessive stand height, and change in ski charcter underfoot. A pair of Atomic SHIFT MNC 10's weighs about the same as half a pair of typical frame style AT bindings. Wow!

So this is how it works. With a flick of a lever the wings of the binding toe open to expose the Tech(pin) portion of the Shift MNC 10's toe. The heel has a 2 position climbing aid. Lock in and skin up as you would with any tech style AT binding. At the top, after unlocking, flip the lever to ski mode. At this point the Tech portion of the binding disappears and you are now ready to step into your high performance, low stand height, Alpine Binding! Game Changer!

The Salomon, Armada, and Atomic Shift are the same binding just with different graphic.
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