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Skis & Ski Packages is a category that allows you to choose from our entire selection of skis. Narrowing it down is easy. Your fist step is choosing from men's skis, ladies skis, and junior skis (Listed Below). The second step is choosing a subcategory like Race Skis, All Mountain Skis, Freeride Powder Skis, Twin Tip Mogul Skis, Backcountry Skis, Expert Skis, Used or Demo Skis, and Blowout Skis. This will narrow your search down substantially. You may also narrow it down by brand if you wish. Most of our skis have the appropriate ski binding and ski pole options listed below the ski at a substantial discount. Mounting service is available at no charge.

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'15 Icelantic The Vanguard Freeride Skis
The 2015 Icelantic Vanguard Skis are just what Icelantic has been missing for the past couple of years, a 107mm ski that can be used Backcountry. The Nomad RKR is an awesome All Mountain ski, but the More Info...
Save 25%
'15 Icelantic The Oracle Women's Freeride Skis
The 2015 Icelantic The Oracle Skis are one of our favorite Women's One Ski Quiver Skis here at Al's Ski Barn. If you want light-weight with a quick turn radius there is not many choices as good as the Oracle. More Info...
Save 21%
'15 Icelantic The Da'Nollie Freestyle Symmetrical Skis
The 2015 Icelantic Da'Nollie Skis is one of the most durable freestyle skis on the market and Icelantic backs it up with a 2 year warranty. Leah Powis' standards are very high and for 2015 he had Icelantic include an all shape making it more versatile. More Info...
'15 Icelantic Nomad RKR All Mountain Skis
The 2015 Icelantic Nomad RKR is one of the most fun 105mm waisted skis on the market. We at Al's Ski Equipment Barn really enjoyed the Nomad RKR and its versatility. The Nomad RKR has a balanced flex, 2mm of camber underfoot and a rockered tip and tail, More Info...
'15 Icelantic Keeper SKNY Skis
The 2015 Icelantic Keeper SKNY Skis are one of the most versatile 95mm waisted skis that you will find. You can be as aggressive as you want on this ski. We really enjoyed it in all conditions and feel of all the Icelantic Skis this is the one ski that you can ski in longer length. More Info...
Save 23%
'13 Icelantic The Seeker Big Mountain Skis
The 2013 Icelantic Seeker is a big mountain ski built for expert skiers who want a ski that can handle everything you throw its way. This is a totally new ski for Icelantic and is unlike any other ski they have in their line. More Info...
Save 53%
'16 Line Gizmo Junior Skis
The 201 Line Gizmo Skis are designed for youth skiers looking for real twin tip skis to not only ski the park with but also to ski the entire mountain. More Info...
Save 17%
'16 K2 Shreditor 136 Powder Skis
New for 2016, K2 introduces the Shreditor 136 Powder skis, built for deep snow domination. The first impressions from our testers proved that the K2 Shreditor 136 isn't like other powder skis. Unlike the others, the "136" is super quick and highly maneuverable thanks to the Tapered tip and Tail combined with K2's Powder Rocker. More Info...
Save 17%
'16 K2 Coomback 114 Backcountry Skis
The All New 2016 K2 Coomback 114 Skis carry the Doug Coombs influence forward with pride. Let's face it, Backcountry skiing presents the skier with many unforeseen obstacles and terrain changes, The Coomback114 is ready for all of it. More Info...
Save 17%
'16 K2 Coomback 104 Backcountry Skis
Doug Coombs legend lives on with the fully redesigned La Grave edition 2016 K2 Coomback 104 skis. The All New 104mm waist, sidewalls underfoot, Tip and tail tape, and increased Rocker make the Coomback 104 the perfect backcountry weapon. More Info...
Save 17%
'15 K2 Shreditor 92 All Mountain Skis
The All New 2015 Shreditor 92 blurs the line between Freestyle and Freeride skis, combining firm snow performance and soft snow playfulness in one extremely versatile ski. With a smart twin tip design, More Info...
Save 33%
'15 K2 Shreditor 120 (Pettitor) Powder Skis
Nice! Sean Pettit's signature ski is back for another year of fun! The 2015 Shreditor Freeride/Powder Skis. The Pettitor Skis are so much more versatile than the Obsethed was and when you get on them you will see the biggest difference is how... More Info...
Save 29%
'15 K2 Shreditor 112 Freeride Powder Skis
Back for 2015 the K2 Shreditor 112 Ski is a tester's favorite and a welcome addition to the K2 line up. We found the Shreditor 112 to be super maneuverable, like a shorter ski, but with an amazing amount of float that's just as fun in chop as it is in fresh untracked snow. More Info...
Save 29%
'15 K2 Shreditor 102 All-Terrain Freeride Skis
The NEW 2015 K2 Shreditor 102 was developed to be that "One Ski Quiver" to meet the ever increasing demands of today's Freeride/All-Mountain skier's. K2 knows what we need, a fun playful ski that is just as happy on trail as it is off More Info...
Save 24%
'15 K2 Shreditor 100 Junior Freeride Skis
The 2015 K2 Shreditor 100 is the aggressive kid's dream ski. With the power to take on any terrain and the width to float the deepest powder. More Info...
Save 27%
'15 K2 Remedy 92 Women's Freeride Skis
The 2015 K2 Remedy is a brand new ski that is ready to ski the entire mountain regardless of conditions. With just the right combination of it's 92mm waist width, tapered and rockered tip and tail, and the right shape make the K2 Remedy 92 one of the most versatile Women's skis made. More Info...
Save 33%
'15 K2 Remedy 112 Women's Freeride/Powder Skis
The All New 2015 K2 Remedy 112 is the widest women's ski in the K2 line, yes it's a powder ski but with camber under foot and a tight turning radius, many girls have made this their everyday ski. With a 112mm waist along with a Powder Rocker Tip and an All-Terrain Rocker Tail this ski can ski it all with confidence and stability. More Info...
Save 36%
'15 K2 Remedy 102 Women's Freeride Skis
The 2015 K2 Remedy 102 Skis ae poised to take your skiing to the limit, with unlimited performance in every snow condition. The Remedy's 102mm waist width and tapered tip is perfect for soft snow, while sporting the perfect amount of sidecut and camber underfoot.... More Info...
Save 32%
'15 K2 Press All Terrain Freestyle Skis
The 2015 K2 Press features everything that makes K2's freestyle skis perform so well and last so long, but for way less money. Aspen wood core, Triaxial Braibed fiberglass, and bomb proof cap construction More Info...
Save 31%
'15 K2 Potion 84 XTI  Women's Skis w/Marker ERC 11 TC
2015 is the year of change for much of the ski industry and K2 is no exception, 2015 marks K2's switch to the Potion Series of skis for women. Forget the LUV, FREE, and SUPER Series', think POTION, The 2015 K2 Potion 84 XTI w/Marker ERC 11TC is the top of the line System Potion ski. More Info...
Save 33%
'15 K2 Potion 80X Women's Skis w/Marker ER3 10 TC
The 2015 K2 Potion 80X w/Marker ER3 10 TC was built for moderately aggressive skiers who want to be able to go anywhere on the mountain, but do not have the power to push around the metal in the metal version of this ski (Potion 80 XTi). More Info...
Save 43%
'15 K2 Potion 80 XTi Women's Skis w/Marker ERC 11 TC
For women skiers that are looking for a high performance All-Mountain ski the 2015 K2 Potion 80XiI w/Marker ERC 11 TC is an excellent choice. Built for strong skiers who want stability and dampness. The K2 Potion 80 XTi More Info...
Save 33%
'15 K2 Missy All Mountain Girl's Junior Skis
The original junior twin tip is still one of K2's best sellers. The 2015 K2 Missy Skis is designed for the junior skier who wants to play in the pipe and park all day but tends to play all over the mountain at the same time. More Info...
Save 25%
'15 K2 MissConduct Women's Freestyle/All Mountain Skis
The 2015 K2 Missconduct is the perennial Women's All-Mountain and Park ski. That's right the Missconduct is just as happy to carve the front side with ease or boost it in the park. The 2015 Missconduct features all of the goods, BioFlex woodcore, More Info...
Save 27%
'15 K2 Mamba 244 Mogul Skis
The K2 Mamba is the replacement for the ever popular K2 CaBrawler. As you will notice the sizes have actually changed to the correct sizes. The K2 Mamba will destroy any moguls in its way. This will continue to be one of the most popular mogul skis ever made. More Info...
Save 18%
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