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Freeride and Powder Skis is the fast growing segment of our sport. These skis most common attribute is their larger overall width. Some are more "Powder Specific" than others. Most of our skis have the appropriate ski binding and ski pole options listed below the ski at a substantial discount. Not only is mounting service available at no charge, but we also give you the appropriate binding mounting option for each ski to be mounted to. Most Freeride Skis are now coming with some form of Rocker technology and with skis such as the Armada JJ, Line Mr. Pollards Opus, and the Volkl Mantra there is something for everyone.

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'09 Dynastar Legend Pro XXL Powder Skis
The Dynastar Legend Pr XXL skis are back and with an all new size. Everyone was asking for a shorter length and Dynastar has delivered. They are now making the Legend Pro XXL Ski in a 187cm length. The Dynastar Legend XXL skis are built in the race room and are More Info...
Save 70%
Hart Skis
'10 Hart The One Used One Ski Quiver Skis W/Bindings
The Hart One is one of the most versatile skis that we sell and we think you will agree! As close to a "one-ski quiver" ski as you'll find. A short turn radius makes it maneuverable for negotiating tight chutes and trees. At 96mm More Info...
Save 51%
'14 Head Venturi 95 All Mountain Freeride Skis
If you want value you usually have to look at older model skis that are on sale, but with the all new 2014 Head Venturi 95 Skis at a price of under $500 it is hard to pass up. When you get on the Venturi 95 Skis your first thought is that you are on a world cup slalom ski they More Info...
Save 25%
'14 Head Rev 98 All Mountain Freeride Skis
Customers have been asking for a wider version of the Head Rev 90 so for 2014 Head is making the ever versatile Rev 98 Skis which compete directly with the Line Prophet 98 and Volkl Mantra Skis. More Info...
Save 28%
'14 Head Cyclic 115 All Mountain Freeride Skis
We at Al's Ski Equipment Barn don't hide the fact that Line Skis makes our favorite skis, that is until we got onto the 2014 Head Cyclic 115 Skis. The Head Cyclic 115 Skis were by far and away our favorite new ski for 2014 and for every reason that we normally give this honor to a Line ski. Versatility and lightness combine with the Cyclic 115 More Info...
Save 31%
'14 Head Collective 105 All Mountain Freeride Skis
The 2014 Head Collective 105 Skis is part of Head's all new designs that are getting a lot of press and for great reason, they work! With a 105mm waist and a 17.5m turn radius the Collective 105 is a ski that can certainly be used as a one ski quiver ski. More Info...
Save 29%
'13 Head REV 105 Freeride/All-Mountain Skis
The 2013 Head REV 105 represents a REVolution in Head ski production. Head introduces ALL NEW ERA 3.0 Technology. ERA 3.0 Technology blends Head's Allride Rocker, Progressive Radius, and Intellirise Rebound resulting in a superior freeride weapon. More Info...
Save 50%
'12 Head i.Peak 90 All Mountain Freeride Skis
The 2012 Head i.Peak 90 Skis are the most versatile ski in the entire Head line up of skis. With a 90mm waist and a wood core the Head i.Peak 90 Skis will not only ski in the trees and new snow well but will also really dig trenches on firm snow conditions. More Info...
Save 63%
'11 Head i.Peak 88 Flow Ride Freeride Skis
One of the best selling freeride skis Head has ever sold was the Monster 88. With the all new 2011 i.Peak 88 with Flow Ride this could be the ski that surpasses all ability of the Head Monster 88 Skis. The 2010 - 2011 i.Peak 88 Skis are built for both speed and More Info...
Save 58%
'11 Head Carlos 125 Big Mountain Skis
The 2011 Head Carlos 125 Skis are one of the biggest baddest skis available on the market. Built only in a 191cm length and for only the most powerful of skiers the 2011 Head Carlos 125 skis are designed for big mountain skiing all over the world. More Info...
Save 59%
'10 Head John 94 Freeride Skis
The most versatile ski in Head's line up is the 2010 Head John 94 skis. The 2010 Head 94 skis replaces the Head Monster 94 from last year which were some of the best selling Head skis that we carried. With a Sandwich construction the Head John 94 will want to explore More Info...
Save 58%
'08 Head Supermojo 105 Skis
The Head Supermojo 105 was one of the first skis to sell out last year and we expect the same for this year. The Head Supermojo 105 is the ultimate Olsson twin-tip backcountry tool. Flies and lands big and smooth, like a Valdez eagle; especially with the new, faster More Info...
Save 74%
'07 Head Supermojo 103 TEAM Powder Skis
Rumor has it, in the mid-1950's, the US Government was working on an anti-gravity device. Unfortunately, the project was terminated some years later. So while we still wait for technology to free us from the ties of gravity, we'll continue to cheat on it as best we can. The 06.07 Head MOJO line i... More Info...
Save 78%
'06 Head Supermojo Freeride/Powder Ski
The Head Supermojo is the hardcore of the Mojo line. Those who use the Head Supermojo know the true meaning of freeride. Developed for the Head Pro Freeride Team, the Supermojo is the perfect ski for cover shots, while its Twintip construction will make you the king of the backcountry. If you are... More Info...
'07 Salomon S916 Red Race Bindings w/Brake Options'06 Tyrolia Mojo 15 Freeride/Park Bindings
Save 76%
'06 Head Mojo 90 Twin Tip/Freeride/Powder Skis
The Head Mojo 90 is Jon Olsson's backcountry tool which has a graphic designed by Jon himself. All the spectacular superpipe tricks can now be performed off-piste as well with the Mojo 90. Every manoeuver becomes a pure delight in powder with heavy duty construction. Big mountains here we come. More Info...
Save 69%
'14 Icelantic The Shaman Freeride Skis
The 2014 Icelantic Shaman Skis are one of the most interesting skis you will ever get on. The Shaman epitomizes all-mountain skiing. If you want a 110mm ski that carves with ease on groomers The Shaman is certainly one most stable all-mountain skis you can buy. More Info...
Save 27%
'14 Icelantic Nomad RKR All Mountain Skis
The 2014 Icelantic Nomad RKR is one of the most fun 105mm waisted skis on the market. We at Al's Ski Equipment Barn really enjoyed the Nomad RKR and its versatility. The Nomad RKR has a balanced flex, 2mm of camber underfoot and a rockered tip and tail, More Info...
Save 21%
'13 Icelantic The Shaman Freeride Skis
Back again for 2013 is the ever popular Icelantic Shaman Freeride Skis. This ski rips and is the every day ski of many of the Icelantic crew. We at Al's Ski Barn really enjoyed this ski and if you want a ski that can go fast yet turn on a dime you have found that ski in the More Info...
Save 45%
'13 Icelantic The Seeker Big Mountain Skis
The 2013 Icelantic Seeker is a big mountain ski built for expert skiers who want a ski that can handle everything you throw its way. This is a totally new ski for Icelantic and is unlike any other ski they have in their line. More Info...
Save 53%
'13 Icelantic Keeper Skis
The 2013 Icelantic Keeper Skis are one of the most versatile 119mm waisted skis that you will find. You can be as aggressive as you want on this ski. We really enjoyed it in all conditions and feel of all the Icelantic Skis this is the one ski that you can ski in longer length. More Info...
Save 48%
'12 Icelantic The Gypsy Reversed Camber Powder Skis
For 2012 Icelantic Skis decided they needed to make a reverse camber ski as their customers were asking for it. So what they came up with is an incredibly versatile Freeride/Powder ski called the Icelantic Gypsy Ski. This ski will rock your world. More Info...
Save 53%
'15 K2 Shreditor 102 All-Terrain Freeride Skis
The NEW 2015 K2 Shreditor 102 was developed to be that "One Ski Quiver" to meet the ever increasing demands of today's Freeride/All-Mountain skier's. K2 knows what we need, a fun playful ski that is just as happy on trail as it is off More Info...
Save 9%
'15 K2 Annex 98 Freeride/Backcountry Skis
The progression continues with the 2015 K2 Annex 98 Skis, it's a freeride ski, a backcountry ski, a one ski quiver ski. Right! It's All that and more. 2015 could be the best year for skis,ever, and the K2 Annex 98 is a shining example of why this is true. More Info...
Save 11%
'14 K2 Shreditor 120 (Pettitor) Powder Skis
Nice! Sean Pettit's signature ski is back for another year of fun! The 2014 Shreditor Freeride/Powder Skis. The Pettitor Skis are so much more versatile than the Obsethed was and when you get on them you will see the biggest difference is how... More Info...
Save 29%
'14 K2 Shreditor 112 Freeride Powder Skis
The All New 2014 K2 Shreditor 112 Ski is a tester's favorite and a welcome addition to the K2 line up. We found the Shreditor 112 to be super maneuverable, like a shorter ski, but with an amazing amount of float that's just as fun in chop as it is in fresh untracked snow. More Info...
Save 29%
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