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The Ski Poles category is jammed full of the latest and greatest in the ski pole industry. We have adjustable ski poles, carbon ski poles, graphite ski poles, aluminum ski poles, trigger strap ski poles, Freestyle ski poles, race ski poles, powder ski poles, collapsable avalanch probe poles, and much more. Choose from brands like: Black Diamond Ski Poles, Equipe Ski Poles, Goode Ski Poles, K2 Ski Poles, Leki Ski Poles, Life-Link Ski Poles, Rossignol Ski Poles, Roxy Ski Poles, Salomon Ski Poles, Scott Ski Poles, Swix Ski Poles, Ultra Ski Poles, Volkl Ski Poles, and much more!!!

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'16 K2 Carbon Freeride Adjustable Ski Poles
The 2016 K2 Carbon Freeride Ski Poles are one of the best tech poles that K2 has ever designed. With an all new Grip and LockJaw2 Clamp this will be the most durable backcountry pole K2 has ever made. More Info...
Save 14%
'13 K2 LockJaw Alu Adjustable Ski Poles
The 2013 K2 LockJaw Alu is where adjustable poles meet value. Packed with most of the same features as its LockJaw cousins, the LockJaw Alu boasts the largest adjustment range of all of the K2 2 piece poles. More Info...
Save 25%
'13 K2 Fishing Freestyle Ski Poles
If you are looking for a lightweight ski pole for freestyle and freeride skiing then the all new K2 Fishing Poles are a great choice for you. The Fishing Pole features a bombproof aluminum shaft that hooks anyone who tries it. More Info...
Save 40%
'12 K2 Lock Jaw 3 Piece Adjustable Backcountry Ski Poles
The K2 Lock jaw 3-Piece delivers true backcountry versatility. The 3-Piece periscoping shaft(16/14/12mm) is made of stiff, durable 7075 aluminum and adjusts from 95-135cm. More Info...
Save 36%
'12 K2 Alu 300 Avalanche Probe
The '12 K2 Alu 300 Avalanche Probe is a light weight aluminum probe, built to be reliable and strong. The Trigger Pull Handle... More Info...
Save 36%
'10 K2 4 Karat Women's Ski Poles - Black
The K2 4 Karat is one of the best looking women's ski poles that K2 makes. The K2 Karat line of poles have been the best selling women's ski poles at Al's Ski Barn and it is no surprise with the quality and fashion that K2 puts into their line. More Info...
Save 50%
'09 K2 Automatic Aluminum Ski Poles
The K2 Automatic is a pole that features a stylish aluminum shaft, making this pole affordable yet durable. More Info...
Save 25%
'12 Komperdell Snaplock Carbon Adjustable Ski Poles
The Komperdell Snap Lock Carbon ski pole has some of the best features we have even seen in a ski pole. Tired of trying to adjust your pole and waisting time getting it to the right spot? Well the Komperdell Snap Lock is the easiest pole on the market to adjust. More Info...
'12 Komperdell Snaplock Carbon Adjustable Ski Poles
Save 35%
'12 Komperdell Carbon Pure Black Ski Poles
The best deal for the the money on carbon ski poles is the Komperdell Carbon Pure Black ski poles. The Komperdell Carbon Pure ski poles are extra slim with a 13/9mm Carbon tube with classic design, perfect swing dynamics, extra light and break-proof. More Info...
Save 25%
'12 Komperdell Carbon Freeride Vario Backcountry Ski Poles
The Komperdell Carbon Touring Backcountry Freeride Vario ski poles are designed for skiers who want fast ascents and racy descent. The Touring grip has a special griphead construction for a better hold - ideal of ascents. The G'retile Gripzone is for extra More Info...
Save 26%
'12 Komperdell C7 Titanal Carbon Touring Ski Poles
The Komperdell C7 Titanal Carbon Adjustable pole is one of Komperdell's best selling poles thanks to its great value. With many excellent features including an all new Power Lock II with 90% more holding power than last years pole the new C7 Titanal ski poles More Info...
Save 33%
Leki Spinner Snowflake Baskets
The Leki Snowflake Spinner Basket is a little different and is necessary for using your Leki twist lock hikers in deep snow. More Info...
Save 20%
Leki Security Clip
Temporarily attaches poles to pack strap or belt, for quick, hands-free convenience. Sold in pairs. More Info...
Save 40%
Leki Easy Lock Expander ELS
Please note that this is the new EASY LOCK SYSTEM! The new ELS when adjusted properly perform in any condition. With micro-threads on the locking screw, tremendous locking and holding forces are achieved. Sold in pairs. These expanders are for your 2003 and later Makalus. Available in 14, 16 and... More Info...
Save 70%
'11 Leki Fusion Trigger S Ski Poles
These lightweight, comfortable poles features Leki's innovative Trigger strap system for increased efficiency and all-around performance.. Trigger quick-release strap system clicks into your pole for better transmission of force and increased safety; can be used without gloves. Auto-release syste... More Info...
Save 20%
'11 Leki Carbon 14 Trigger S Ski Poles
The Leki Carbon 14 Trigger S Ski Pole is the same as 2009's Carbon 12 S ski pole with a slightly different graphic and a Slalom Grip. Like the Carbon 12 S of last year, we expect the Leki Carbon 14 Ski Poles. More Info...
Save 28%
'06 Leki DH Downhill Race Ski Poles
The Leki DH Aluminium Race ski poles are for the best of the best. Features: - World Cup Race Series - Shaft 6.5 Aluminum - Grip Downhill - Strap V-Race - Finish Ultra - Basket(s) Cone - Warranty Two Year Warranty Against Shaft Breakage - Special Feature 3D Bend, Airfoil Shaft More Info...
Save 46%
Life-Link Yellowstone Anti Shock Staff
There are walking sticks and then there are dream walking sticks! Carbon Fiber, on-off shock, Posi-Loc quick fit... the list goes on and on. Made just outside Yellowstone National Park, this pole is as good as it gets. Extends to: 56.5" - Packs to: 25" Weight: 10oz single More Info...
'17 Line Whip Ski Poles
The 2017 Line Whip Pointy Sticks w/grips ski poles are made using a fiberglass construction which improves durability while maintaining an aluminum-like sturdy feel. These sticks are more durable than you. More Info...
Save 11%
'17 Line Wallischstick Ski Poles
This is Tom Wallisch's Pro Model Ski Pole and the folks at Line couldn't be happier. Built with Light-Weight 6061 Aluminum and a Grab Tab stocked BMX grip, you need this ski pole. More Info...
Save 12%
'17 Line Pollard's Paint Brush Adjustable Ski Poles
The introduction of the fully adjustable Pollard's Paintbrush ski poles proved to be a brilliant change from the scientists at Line Ski Company. More Info...
'17 Line Pollard 130 Carbon Adjustable Ski Poles
The ALL NEW Line Pollard Carbon Adjustable Ski Poles are a welcome addition to the Line ski pole series. Fully adjustable from 40-52" and equipped with regular sized and powder baskets, More Info...
Save 8%
'16 Line Whip Ski Poles
The 2016 Line Whip Pointy Sticks w/grips ski poles are made using a fiberglass construction which improves durability while maintaining an aluminum-like sturdy feel. These sticks are more durable than you. More Info...
Save 13%
'16 Line Tac Freestyle Ski Poles
At Line Skis it's about staying simple and sticking to what works, like the 2016 Tac Ski Poles. Minimalist, light, smallest basket and skinniest grip, with the lowest price possible. More Info...
Save 22%
'16 Line Skis "Get Up" Adjustable Junior Ski Poles
Ah! Imagine, purchasing 1 pair of junior ski poles per child, well stop imagining! It's Real! The All New Line "GET UP" Adjustable Junior Ski Poles. From junior grom to tween skiers, More Info...
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