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The Ski Poles category is jammed full of the latest and greatest in the ski pole industry. We have adjustable ski poles, carbon ski poles, graphite ski poles, aluminum ski poles, trigger strap ski poles, Freestyle ski poles, race ski poles, powder ski poles, collapsable avalanch probe poles, and much more. Choose from brands like: Black Diamond Ski Poles, Equipe Ski Poles, Goode Ski Poles, K2 Ski Poles, Leki Ski Poles, Life-Link Ski Poles, Rossignol Ski Poles, Roxy Ski Poles, Salomon Ski Poles, Scott Ski Poles, Swix Ski Poles, Ultra Ski Poles, Volkl Ski Poles, and much more!!!

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'15 Salomon Hacker Ski Poles
The 2015 Salomon Hacker Ski Poles are strong enough to push you to the lift and the Freeski strap and Grip keep the things in perfect position. And if you are one of those that still pole plant with every turn, the 18mm Aluminum Shaft and standard tip can take the abuse. More Info...
Save 43%
'13 Salomon Brigade Freestyle Ski Poles
The 2013 Salomon Brigade Ski Poles were one of the best looking poles we saw from Salomon. You will have some of the coolest poles on the hill with these ski poles. More Info...
Save 29%
'12 Salomon Element Vario Carbon Adjustable Ski Poles
One of the lightest vario ski poles on the market is the '12 Salomon Element Vario Ski Poles. This Ski pole has one of the most comfortable grips in the market and thanks to the cork it will stay comfortable for years to come. More Info...
Save 33%
'12 Salomon Element Carbon Ski Poles
The Salomon Element Carbon Ski Poles are one of the lightest you can buy for 2012. With a lightweight carbon shaft with a cork & foam grip the Salomon Element ski poles are also one of the most comfortable to use as well. More Info...
Save 20%
'10 Salomon Element Carbon CS Ski Poles
The Salomon Element CS ski pole is one of Salomon's most solid poles they have ever made. With a 13mm shaft the Salomon Element CS Ski Poles are lightweight with a very comfortable Foam grip. More Info...
Save 36%
'06 Scott World Cup Slalom Poles
Hands down, the best alloy pole we sell. A super lightweight shaft makes this pole easy to swing and the high quality metals used here will keep the pole in line a lot longer than your average alloy poles. Shaft: S4 Series, for skiers who are looking only for the best. The Highest quality aircraf... More Info...
Save 6%
Ultra Aluminum Alpine Ski Poles
These alloy ski poles are a great addition to a ski package. They are lighweight and durable. Made from high quality aluminum these poles would take a good shot to bend. The grips are made with flared ends so that it would be hard for your hand to slip below or above the grip. Any recreational sk... More Info...
Save 40%
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