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'10 Dynastar PX 12 JIB Freestyle Ski Binding

'10 Dynastar PX 12 JIB Freestyle Ski Binding
$240.00 $199.00 Save 17%
'10 Dynastar PX 12 JIB Freestyle Ski Binding
- 23.5mm total height
- Full Drive Concept
- AFC Plus
- Spacer JIB
- Brake Options
- DIN 3.5 - 12

One of the most popular bindings in the freeride/freestyle world, the Dynastar PX 12 JIB ski binding is one of the most durable bindings on the market. Al's Ski Barn also allows you to pick which size brake that you want with your PX 12 JIB Ski Bindings.

The Dynastar PX 12 JIB Composite ski binding is designed for use with the Trouble series of skis and other high performance twin tip and freeride skis. With 7 points of contact to the boot, the Dynastar PX 12 JIB Ski binding has proven to be one of the most trusted bindings for freestyle and freeride use.

The heel piece's lateral arms are angled down to apply greater pressure to the edge of the ski. This creates more power going directly from skier to ski with less energy loss.

The bindings forward pressure has been increased 30%, which dramatically enhances the interface between boot and binding. The increase of pressure influences ski behavior, which improves rebound and responsiveness.

The 40% increase in torsional stiffness translates into less play between the boot and binding and a dramatic improvement in the transfer of power to the snow. The new dual action III toe piece has a reinforced housing in high stress areas, which improves the overall structural integrity.

Choose Your Ski Binidng

Choose Your Ski Brake The standard brake that comes with the binding will fit skis up to 90mm's wide.

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