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- 2014 K2 PHOTOKINETIC Goggles
- LENS: Octic Mirror
- FOAM: 11mm 2-layer fleece lined
- Ri-Pel Coating
- Strap: 3D Woven

You saw right, for 2014 K2 has come back out with high end goggles. The K2 PHOTOKINETIC Goggles have some of the best designs that we saw this year and with Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision you know they are top quality!

Octic Mirror: Octic Mirror lenses utilize a unique combination of base color coupled with an 8-layer dielectric mirror technology to create a stylish, performance-driven mirrored lens. Designed to balance out harsh sunlight and glare or enhance vision during low-light conditions.

LENSES: Everyone wants to know what lens is going to work best for what. Here is a simple guide for K2 Goggles and their lenses.

<9% - means for very strong sunlight and extremely bright conditions.
9-16% - means for strong sunlight and bright conditions.
20-28% - means for medium sunlight and partly cloudy conditions
>46% - means for flat light and cloudy conditions
Choose Frame & Lens Color

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